About Erica Claus




In 2012, after an international career in the arts, culture and diplomacy, I founded Erica Claus and Associates / Erica Claus et associés, to pursue my lifelong passion for art and finely crafted objects.  Having worked with museums across Canada, and as Past Secretary to the Canadian Cultural Property Export Review Board, I have taken my interests into the world of appraisals and the art market.  My firm works with associates in the fields of anthropology, art history, authentication, conservation, museology and any other specialty required to provide accurate appraisals and the best client service.

This work has led me to exhibitions, international art fairs, auctions and biennales, and, to the businesses, homes, institutions, storage units and basements of collectors, and those working out equitable distribution in divorce settlements or inheritance. 

Valuing prized possessions and pubic or private collections is a balancing act between demonstrating the many types of value in objects – aesthetic, artistic, cultural, historic, personal, sentimental or social – and the reality of the market place.  There is nothing so energizing and exciting for clients and myself when a new discovery is made through the appraisal process, and an important artifact is brought to light. My professional training in conflict mediation has helped me to navigate the complicated family relationships that can surface when collections are being divided.  Patience, respect and expertise assure my clients that they will be well served.

My credentials in appraisal methodology are among the most rigorous, obtained through the International Society of Appraisers and the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice After many courses, exams, ongoing training and a requalification process every 5 years, I am confident in the services I provide, have an extensive network of colleagues to call upon, and trust that the work I produce for clients will meet their expectations.